beatings of my heart

"fill your page with the beatings of your heart" --william wordsworth


the sweetest ache

a glimpse
that's all it takes
my mind begins to reel

what should i do?
what should i say?
and just like that you're gone

left with nothing
but what could have been
my heart feels like a stone

your familiar back
fades to the distance
again i feel that sweetest ache

ache of hoping
ache of longing
ache of love that wants to be

the world goes foggy
one thing's clear
i want you here with me

life goes on
class is starting
but still i dream of what could be

the world around me
swallowed up
in that dear, familiar, sweetest ache


Blogger super-cool audge said...

um so jill
you should be a poet/songwriter when you grow up.

i like this.
miss you!!!!
love audge

September 20, 2006 at 4:00 PM  

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